Anticoncordat Week 2004

This is a major event comprising a set of different initiatives organised by UAAR every year around mid-February to recall the following historical occurrences took place between the 12th and the 18th of February. 17 February 1600, at Campo de’ Fiori Giordano Bruno is sentenced to death for heresy by the Holy Inquisition and burnt alive at the stake, 12 February 1809 birth of Charles Darwin whose theory on evolution puts an end to the myth of man’s creation by God. 11 February 1929 Mussolini signs the first Concordat with the Catholic church, 18 February 1984 Craxi signs the second Concordat which abolishes Catholicism as the official religion of the State but gives the Catholic church new privileges and more public funds.

This year our Anticoncordat Week focuses on Charles Darwin. Together with the Feltrinelli Bookshops, lectures and round tables will take place in the following cities: Turin, Milan, Genoa, Naples, Bari, Ancona and Palermo.