XVI Congresso Mondiale dell’IHEU

XVI Congresso Mondiale

Parigi (Francia), 5-7 luglio 2005

Separazione tra Stato e religione

Dal 5 al 7 luglio 2005 si svolgerà a Parigi il sedicesimo congresso mondiale dell’IHEU, l’Unione Internazionale Etico-Umanista di cui anche l’UAAR fa parte.

Quello che segue è il comunicato ufficiale emanato dall’IHEU.

IHEU 16th World Congress

Tuesday 5th July to Thursday 7th July 2005, Paris
«Separation of Religion and State»

IHEU, the worldwide umbrella organisation for Humanism, and its French Full Member Organisation the Libre Pensée Française invite you to the 16th World Humanist Congress, and to learn through interactive and plenary sessions about the world-wide Humanist movement, the challenges we face, our success stories and our programs for action.

The final announcement is now available. For full details of the Congress and related events and how to register, please contact:

La Libre Pensée Française
10-12 rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques
75005 Paris, France
Tel + 33 1 4634 2150 - Fax + 33 1 4634 2184
Email libre.pensee@wanadoo.fr


1 Gower Street
London WC1E 6HD, United Kingdom
Tel + 44 207 6313170 - Fax + 44 207 6313171
Email generaloffice@iheu.org

The Congress is supported by the French National Commission for UNESCO and organised by the Libre Pensée Française.

International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) is the world umbrella organisation for humanist, ethical culture, rationalist, secularist and freethought groups. Based in London, it is an international NGO with Special Consultative Status with the UN (New York, Geneva, Vienna), General Consultative Status at UNICEF (New York) and the Council of Europe (Strasbourg), and it maintains operational relations with UNESCO (Paris).
Its mission is to build and represent the global Humanist movement, to defend human rights and to promote humanist values world-wide. IHEU sponsors the triennial Humanist World Congress. The next Congress will be held in Paris in July 2005.